UPSI’s have been one of our foremost partners in advising on an evidence based approach to major challenges in policing. It has demonstrated flexibility and an imaginative drive to understand, explain in accessible terms. Most of all it has sought to demonstrate how findings can be applied in the real world.
— Sir Denis O'Connor, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary (2008-2012)

The Universities' Police Science Institute (UPSI) was established in 2007 in partnership with South Wales Police to develop the research evidence base for the art, craft and science of policing. Since its inception it has secured in excess of £5million external funding from various policing and governmental agencies. Combining academic rigour with a strong focus upon policy and practice, it has achieved international renown for its innovations in designing, developing and assessing new solutions to policing problems. The Institute's work ranges from 'problem-finding' to 'problem-solving' across the full spectrum of policing.


The UPSI team has particular expertise and achieved impact in the following areas:

  • Counter-Terrorism Policing
  • Open Source Data Analytics
  • Digital Policing
  • Behavioural Crime Prevention
  • Neighbourhood Policing

In addition to these areas, we also have particular expertise in the following areas, where ongoing studies are being conducted:

  • Police homicide investigations, cold case reviews and the impacts upon communities of major crime events such as murders;
  • The police role in counter-terrorism;
  • Policing domestic violence and child protection;
  • Gun crime in the United Kingdom and elsewhere;
  • Violent youth gangs and crime in inner-city areas;
  • Spatial analysis of crime data;
  • Witness Identification

Our work has been instrumental in providing an evidence base to inform policy, including:

  • PREVENT Strategy
  • Home Office Policy on Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Community Intelligence Methodology adopted by both the London Borough of Sutton and South Wales Police forces