The Society of Evidence Based Policing Winter Conference 2012 to be held in Cardiff

Jonathan Sheppard.jpg

The Society of Evidence Based Policing is a fledgling organisation joining police officers, staff and researchers with the aim using, producing and communicating the best research evidence to underpin policing activities in the UK and beyond.  Its winter conference is to be hosted by the Universities Police Science Institute (UPSI) at SOCSCI on 2nd February 2012.  

The conference aims to highlight the growing number of research partnerships between academics and professional police officers aimed at understanding what works.  Academics have research expertise which is out of reach for most police officers, but police officers have data and can make things happen.  This is the basis for a strengthening, symbiotic relationship. 

The one-day conference is being attended by police officers from a number of forces in England and Wales, together with academics from leading institutions involved in policing research and government organisations. Speakers include Professor Jonathan Shepherd (Cardiff), Professor Lawrence Sherman (Cambridge), Professor Shane Johnson (Jill DANDO, UCL) and Professor Martin Innes (UPSI). Alone this line up is impressive, but standing next to each will be a police officer, discussing how this research can be applied, reporting on the difference it has had on communities, and asking how it can be taken to the next level. 

The conference is now fully subscribed, but for further information on joining The Society of Evidence Based Policing please contact its Secretary, Andrea Caddick, at