Police Executive Education

UPSI have been running a series of very successful executive education seminars since early 2010 for South Wales Police. These events are central in delivering SWP’s aim to develop and harness ‘talent’ in all layers of the organisation. Involving speakers drawn from across the police, industry, academy and government, each event has addressed a different contemporary challenge for police reform. Each seminar has been tailor-made, informed by speakers with genuine expertise in their area and provides participants with the ‘space’ to think innovatively and be challenged about how they can work more effectively and efficiently.

Master classes have helped us to harness our respective operational and academic expertise in order to develop the knowledge and skills of our staff and spread good practice initiatives across the force area.”
— Peter Vaughan, Chief Constable, South Wales Police

The first Masterclass run by UPSI was held in March 2010 where Prof. Rod Morgan of UPSI provided a detailed analysis of the prospects for criminal justice reform in an era of austerity.

Aspects of the conversation started at the first seminar were continued on 21st May 2010 when the topic was ‘Policing and Community Safety After the Recession in Wales’. Speakers from across the universities of Cardiff and Glamorgan, talked about their research and the state of the evidence base in relation to a range of different topics including: economic crime; violent crime; anti-social behaviour; ‘honour based’ crime; and counter terrorism. 

Following the success of these two initial seminars UPSI have since hosted a further eight classes on variety of topics:


Police Leadership During Challenging Times | September 2010

‘Police Leadership During Challenging Times’ was the focus in September 2010.  Along with speakers from UPSI and South Wales Police, a senior representative from the Home Office talked in detail to participants about some of the thinking underpinning the coalition government’s ‘Police Reform and Social Responsibility’ Bill. Attendees also benefited from a wider view on strategic leadership in the retail industry provided by a Managing Director from John Lewis.


Doing Better with Less – A Quality Service | January 2011

‘Doing Better with Less – A Quality Service’ was the title for the event on 26th January 2011.  BT’s Business Development Director spoke on the subject of ‘agile working’ and all participants were encouraged to make a statement of intent at the end of the day about how they were going to work differently in the future.


Policing Change and Change Policing | March 2011

On 25th March 2011 seventy officers from across South Wales came together to work on the theme of ‘Policing Change and Change Policing’. The keynote speaker for the morning was Ms. Jan Berry who talked about her work for the government about reducing bureaucracy in policing. Other speakers explored how to better understand and empower communities by encouraging social responsibility.


Challenging Organisational Cultures | June 2011

This event examined the role of organisational culture in changing ways of working and delivering effective services to the public, taking a closer look at experiences both within and outside the world of policing of how to deal with an increasingly complex and changing environment.


Preventing Violent Extremism: What the new PREVENT Strategy means for policing in South Wales Police | October 2011

Following the publication of the Home Office’s revised Prevent strategy, ‘Preventing Violent Extremism’ provided an overview of the key developments outlined in the revised Prevent Strategy and their impact on future priorities and delivery from a South Wales Police perspective, giving best practice guidance in targeting all forms of terrorism and protect those individuals at greatest risk of radicalisation.


Police and Crime Commissioners | September 2012

The election of the Police and Crime Commissioner on November 15th 2012 was one of the biggest reforms ever seen in the Police Service. This Masterclass was developed to allow senior managers to understand and explore the impact of the introduction of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) within the context of their own environment.


Evidence Based Policing | October 2012

This masterclass was dedicated to defining Evidenced Based Policing, understanding how to develop an evidence-based approach to day-to-day police work and applying such an approach to the benefit of communities within BCUs.


Mental Health & Vulnerable People | March 2013

This event explored the challenges faced by the police in responding to victims and offenders with mental health needs. It was dedicated to understanding how to deal effectively with individuals and the implications for policing our communities.  The role and perspectives of our partners in the health service will also be a focus.


Police Culture and Integrity | June 2013

Recent high profile cases have reminded us that standards, values and the integrity of the police are continually under scrutiny. This Masterclass was developed to allow attendees to explore the challenges facing leaders in contributing to and promoting a positive organisational culture and embedding appropriate standards and values amongst their teams, and to create a climate of trust and confidence.


Diversity & Hate Crime | October 2013

This Masterclass was developed to allow attendees to explore the challenges facing leaders in leading and supervising the identification, recording and response to hate crimes. As well as hearing from guest speakers, there was the opportunity for consideration of the progress South Wales Police has made so far in this area, and to identify what still needs to be done. 


If you are interested in discussing Executive Education opportunities with UPSI then please email us at upsi@cardiff.ac.uk  or phone us on 02920 875440