Hacking the Issues for the 21st Century

UPSI and the CSRI has developed the idea of applying the conceptual framework of the hackathon to day-to-day policing challenges. Working alongside police and other criminal justice and community safety partners, this short, intensive problem-solving approach is designed to provide an innovative and unique way for academics and practitioners to ‘co-produce’ potential solutions to the more intractable problems faced by today’s forces.

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SENSOR: Signal Events, Neighbourhood Security, Order and Reassurance.

SENSOR is an intelligence orientated interview methodology designed to capture the public’s knowledge of neighbourhood crime and disorder and perceptions of risk. SENSOR is a tablet based data capture application that allows police and their partner agencies to identify and target the issues that have a disproportionate impact upon neighbourhood security.


SENTINEL: Localised Situational Awareness via Social Media

The Sentinel platform provides a multi-level interface into information extracted from the social Web. The purpose of this platform is to evaluate to what degree social media data can be converted into actionable intelligence relating to public-interest events and topics in terms of reliability, usability and timeliness.