Media Response to UPSI Report - Rebooting the PC


A new report, Rebooting the PC, by think tank Policy Exchange and authored by Professor Martin Innes urges police chiefs not to put ‘buildings before bobbies’. It says that the nature of the emergent financial and social challenges that British society faces over the next decade means the police service needs to become more imaginative in how it interacts with the public.

25% of police forces in England and Wales in talks with Post Office about replacing police stations with "cops in shops" To read the article in full click here

Instead, the authors suggest a move to the Australian model of police infrastructure, which would mean smaller stations, including mini-bureaux within shops or high street businesses. To read the article in full click here 

TARDIS-style police boxes should be brought back to make it easier to contact cops, a report says. The boxes would have a two-way video link to a control centre. They could be put in shopping centres, hospitals and post offices while outdated police stations are closed, says the report by think-tank Policy Exchange. To read the article in full click here

The measure would allow forces to shut out-of-date stations and open police offices in shopping centres and other premises. Police in London, Scotland and the Midlands are involved in the discussions, which are part of wider efforts to make savings. To read the article in full click here