Martin Innes to open Policy Exchange event 'The New Bill: How innovation can drive smart policing' 21/01/14


Policy Exchange recently published a report, Rebooting the PC, which examined how to hardwire innovation into the structures and cultures of policing. It explored why policing can be culturally and institutionally resistant to innovation, identified the ‘engines of innovation’ which can sometimes break through this inertia and demonstrated why embedding processes of innovation should be a deliberate goal of policy.

Since the publication of the report, the Home Office has announced the creation of a £50 million Innovation Fund for police forces and Police and Crime Commissioners.

This seminar being held on 21st January 2014 will bring together Police and Crime Commissioners, Chief Constables, Chief Fire Officers, national policymakers, industry representatives and academics to  review the police innovation landscape and discuss how to create the networks, relationships and cultures necessary to spread innovation to  deliver the necessary and sustainable change. 

It will discuss the potential make-up, operation and financing of new Hubs for Innovation in Policing (HIPs) – which we recommended be set up to embed a process of innovation and change in policing.

Read the full Rebooting the PC report below: