RUSI Launch Organised Hub on Strategic Crime

Organised crime is receiving increased attention, both from government departments and academic researchers. However, the current state of knowledge of this area remains limited. The research community is fragmented, and academic research is disconnected from the needs of policymakers. More effort is needed to bridge the gap between theory, policy and practice.

In partnership with the Home Office, National Crime Agency, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Research Council UK’s Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security, RUSI has launched a Strategic Hub on Organised Crime to develop a world class research agenda that meets the needs of policymakers.

Prof Martin Innes took part in a panel on 'Disrupting Organised Crime - Do we understand what we’re up against, are our strategies effective and are they ethical?' at the one-day which conference launched on 8 December. The event also included panels on two other priority areas for policymakers – what do criminal markets look like, and where are the vulnerabilities in the system.

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