Event: Data Driven Methods for understanding Below the Radar Activity in the ‘Social Economy’

In March 2014 Nesta awarded five research grants to organisations exploring Data Driven Methods for understanding Below the Radar Activity in the ‘Social Economy"  (read more about the research in this blog).

NESTA are hosting an event June 11th to learn more about why this is such an interesting new field of research, how this can further value to existing research, such as the NCVO Almanac, and most importantly hear from the five projects about their ideas and what they are proposing to do.

This event will be an opportunity to learn about exciting new data driven methods for undertaking research into civil society, and will help the five grantees test their ideas and ambitions for the research. The event is organised in partnership with NCVO.

Researchers from Cardiff University's UPSI and the School of Computer Science and Informatics were one of the five projects awarded the funding and will be examining how social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, blogs and newsfeeds leads to forms of 'spontaneous community mobilisation' after major crime events focusing on case study of social media data from the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich 2013.

Follow the event on twitter using #DataBTR or click here for more information and to register attendance