BBC Radio Wales: Eye on Wales - Violent Radicalisation feat. Martin Innes

The emergence of an online recruitment film, apparently for the Sunni militant group ISIS, featuring two men from Cardiff has prompted questions about radicalisation and extremism in the city. 

ISIS is a hard-line group that's been among those fighting government forces in Syria. In recent weeks it has pushed into large areas of northern Iraq, leaving sectarian slaughter in its wake.

It's estimated that between four and five hundred Britons have gone to Syria. As well as their families' fear for their safety, there's a broader concern that some of them may bring a commitment to extremist violence home with them if they return. 

In a special edition of Eye on Wales Felicity Evans brings together a panel of experts to ask how the radicalisation of young men from Cardiff and elsewhere happens and how it can be addressed.

Contributors include: Haras Rafiq of the counter-extremism think tank, the Quilliam Foundation; Shahien Taj, founder and executive director of the Henna Foundation which works to strengthen families within the Muslim community; and Professor Martin Innes, director of Cardiff University's Police Science Institute, who has researched radicalisation in some cities in England.