Home Office Policy Lab Workshop Sets Out Future of Police Digitisation


The Police Science and Technology Unit within the Home Office recently partnered with Policy Lab to bring experts in the fields of Policing, Design and Digital Technologies to find innovative ways of using digital technology to enhance Police services.

Martin Innes - Director of the UPSI. Prof. attended the event and set out work he had been doing tracking social media over the murder of Lee Rigby. The incident, and the level of social media activity around it, demonstrated that securing the scene of the crime was no longer possible in a world where people can instantly tweet photos. Interestingly the local provenance of the tweets being mostly from the Lewisham area meant that despite greater connectivity, people were still most concerned with the geographic area closest to them.

Other participants included Dr Andrea Siodmok, (Head of the Policy Lab) Chris Price (Head of the Police Science and Technology Unit in the Home Office) and Chief Constables Giles York from Surrey Police and Simon Parr from Cambridgeshire Police who are national policing leads for digital evidence and information management respectively and both passionate advocate about digital working.

The outcome was a range of prototypes for improving services to victims of crime, from an online skills academy where people could go to learn how to prevent crime to an online court where you could report crime, give evidence and hear the result, all from the comfort of your own living room.

A full report from the workshop is available to view online here: https://openpolicy.blog.gov.uk/2014/07/29/policy-labs-digitisation-workshop/