The Tactical Response to Westminster Terror is Effective Community Policing says Martin Innes

The importance of good community policing is a view held by Professor Martin Innes, a terrorism expert based at Cardiff University. “If you get community policing right, the public will become the eyes and ears for the police,” he says. “That’s really important and allows the police to focus their efforts. “The UK policing model is founded on prevention. Investing in knowing where the risk and threats are, that’s where effective prevention lies and what robust community policing provides.” For Professor Innes, effective community policing involves having a visible presence and building long-term relationships in the community.

Amid the granite-grey cobbled streets of Old Aberdeen lies the mosque and Islamic centre which serves the city’s small Muslim population. It is here, a short walk from the Renaissance architecture of the university’s King’s College, that Abdul Raqib Amin came to pray as a young man, surrounded by the peaceable adherents of his faith. Amin, however, was to undergo a conversion to a more radical cause, one built not on peace and love, but on violence and jihad. It was a conversion brought about not by the imam of his local mosque, but by slickly produced propaganda videos shared on social media.

Ultimately, it was a conversion which led to his death in a hail of bullets at the hands of an Iraqi army SWAT team.

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