Corrupt and Confused?

Article By: Martin Innes, Prospect Magazine

This summer, the police faced the crises of phone hacking and riots. The force is changing, but in the wrong way.

Images of police in full riot gear against a backdrop of burning buildings and marauding looters have seared themselves into the collective memory. The riots, sparked by the police shooting of a man in Tottenham (a non-police-issue gun was found at the scene), have challenged the reputation of Britain’s constabularies. In so doing, they sharpened concerns about policing that emerged a month earlier during the News International phone-hacking scandal.


UPSI Release Briefing Note Highlighting Key Research Projects, Publications and Policy/Agenda Setting

UPSI provides an integrated model that develops and uses research evidence to improve the delivery of policing. Our work is directly shaping policy and practice at the national, regional and neighbourhood levels.

The UPSI model is based upon an innovative collaborative approach to research and training. At the University of Glamorgan, police probationer training is undertaken by a team of academic staff working directly alongside experienced police trainers. In conducting research, the team at Cardiff University are frequently engaged in direct collaborations with police officers. This helps to ensure that our findings and recommendations fully reflect the complexities of the realities of modern police work, whilst also being rigorously informed by robust methodological frameworks.

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