Mapping Services For Victims Of Crime In South Wales


Funder: South Wales Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

The Universities’ Police Science Institute (UPSI), in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Swansea and University of South Wales, were commissioned by the South Wales Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to investigate the quality and delivery of victim services in South Wales and set out options for future development.  


The research covered six key crime areas in-depth: violent crime; acquisitive crime; hate incidents; anti-social behavior; Female Genital Mutilation, forced marriage and honour-based violence, and service provision for child victims of crime. An over-arching report on main findings highlighted cross-cutting issues and policy recommendations across these crime types.

The research focused on three key areas:

  • An analysis of existing capacity and capability in South Wales, in terms of provision for victims of crime and anti-social behaviour;

  • Victim needs that are being met by existing arrangements, as well as those needs that are either ‘invisible’ to current service providers or are remaining ‘unmet’;

  • An evidence base to inform future decision making around the future commissioning and configuration of victim services in South Wales.

A multi-method research design was used to address these questions including in-depth interviews with victims and service providers in South Wales, a statistical analysis of data from South Wales Police and for the force area in the Crime Survey for England and Wales.